My Bio


It just kind of happened.

I finished my degree in Mechanical Engineering at college, and was employed as an Orthotic & Prosthetic Technician in Ireland for more than five years.
I loved this job which can help people rebuild their life. Bringing smiles back to their faces is the best reward ever!
Therefore, although learned a little bit of fine art in senior school, the idea of becoming a professional photographic designer had never crossed my mind.

The story really started when I got my puppy home.
As a typical dog owner, I used a Sony Cyber-Shot to take every precious moment of my sweet little girl, Hotdog, until not satisfied with the quality of the images.
I bought my first DSLR, Sony A350, and spent a lot of time on snapping around, refining, perfecting and even obsessing over my work.
Since then, I found my passion (and maybe a little bit of talent) for photography.
It started to get serious when I decided to come back to Shanghai.
I then upgraded my gear, Canon 1Ds Mark III, a beautiful baby, and jumped into the professional world without any hesitation.

Most of my photos are grounded in people. Kids, seniors, men and women, friends at home, clients in studio, strangers on streets...
Communicating before shooting is my favourite part, a smile, a conversation, a hug, a game together...
I do believe that everyone is different and unique. What I love about photography is to produce images that convey what it is like to be that person.
This ¡®unguarded moment¡¯ is always essential before the best photos are achieved.

Photography is all about creativity, is an attitude, is the magic touch of you and your family¡¯s lifelong documentary.

I am fortunated enough that I can do what I am fascinated by, and constantly push myself for new ideas.
Please enjoy my portfolio and do not hesitate to contact me if you want to.